Hey, I'm Jason.

I'm so glad you found your way onto my page. I love my work and sharing it with you.

I thrive on being able to find the right moment to capture something special. Not just what our eyes see, but also the feeling and experience of the moment. I take the raw images and overlay my artistic perspective to create beautiful imagery. Sharing this with my clients, and helping them turn their own visions into reality, brings me so much satisfaction and inspires me in what I do.

Photography invites me to see things from a different perspective, satisfies a creative desire inside of me, and allows me to capture meaningful memories and snapshots of time that become part of our history.

From curiosity to calling

I began my photography journey out of personal curiosity about the beauty and intimacy of taking a picture that captures a moment in time, that becomes a memory and turns into history. This grew into an appreciation for the art of light and movement. With practice and training, I matured my photography skills over the years and I am proud to offer a unique set of skills and my personal style of capturing images.

A picture speaks a thousand words and memories are priceless

Are you a business looking for powerful imagery that will enhance your presence in the market, showcase your products or services, magnetise the right clients or document the journey and achievements of your brand?

Are you holding an event and want to make sure that you capture the memories, highlights and energy?

Or are you an individual looking to capture a favourite view to display proudly in your home or a special occasion that you never want to forget?

I would love to talk to you.

The Process

01. Connect

Tell me all about your vision for your images.

Share your story

02. Conceptualise

Together we will create a clear plan that will bring your vision into reality.

Develop a Plan

03. Create

Leave it to me to bring your vision into reality. I'll capture the raw images and add my digital artistry to produce a striking final result.

Bring it to life